About Company

Embawood was founded in 1996 - it has been providing customers with its services for 20 years. During this time, her activities have undergone great changes. The main work was carried out in the direction dictated by the customer orientation strategy, which became the main principle of the company. The quality assessment system has been updated in order to sensitively capture requests regarding the style of furniture products. A consulting company invited from Germany has raised the level of the quality control system, so that now our production provides true “German quality.” The level of service has reached the highest level. A customer service line has been created, including an after-sales service system. In all countries to which we operate, we provide free delivery and assembly within 24 hours after the purchase of furniture. The standard warranty period for our products is 2 years. A wide range of products, modern fashionable design, quality control, after-sales service, the principle of customer orientation - all this creates opportunities for the distribution of Embawood products at home and abroad.